19 Jan


Its not often you get to indulge in your own creative promotional video but thats exactly what we’ve been up to today…and its been great fun!!!! We’ve often spoken about it in the studio and its been on the “todo list” for a few months, but finally the details were in place and working with our friends over at Millstream Productions made the experience one were keen to repeat.


Brain storming the initial ideas led to the usual “lets helicopter into work” comments…but even we couldn’t be that creative with the budget! So we shaped and styled a promo video that really conveyed what were all about, which is creativeness, commitment and attention to detail. We love design, and believe it’s about building relationships with clients and the brands they cherish…So we followed a production process with a twist!


The video is being edited and hope to be live soon so watch this space!….and whilst we’re not expecting any Oscar nominations, we hope it will give a visual insight into what were all about. Lets just hope there’s non of….  “does my bum look fat in this?!”


P.S. A big thanks goes out to Calshot Velodrome, who were fantastic in allowing us to film at the track.